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Re: Cranky Kim

   This is one heck of a excellent idea. Taylor Guitars sponsors tours 
of musicians who endorse their guitars, going around to music shops and 
putting on clinics. The musicians don't get paid allot for it, but it 
is good publicity all around.
   I'm sure other companies do this, but i've been to a Taylor guitar 
clinic so it's my only experience.

  And the experience was good.

Excellent, excellent idea.

On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 05:34 PM, msottilaro wrote:

>  It would be great if Gibson could sponsor a tour to dealers all over. 
>  Or have different EDP artists in each region.  What I saw from these 
> events is that not only did it turn on people who were in the store to 
> the product, but it educated salespeople to the possibilities of the 
> product which made them better sellers of the item because A) they 
> knew more about it and B) they loved it.
> Mark Sottilaro