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Re: where's the delight...?

> 1) Does everyone remember their first time? -- looping that is?  What's
> changed for you since then?

:: These events changed my life in a big way, focusing my passion for
looping sound and manipulating it. I'm sure many of you have shared exactly
these events!
:: The soundtrack to "You Are What You Eat, " circa 1967, had a track
consisting entirely of edited and looped "time-killer vocalizations" from
interviews of famous people. Phrases like "you know" and "I mean" and 
like "uh" and "er" looped and collaged. I was thirteen, maybe fourteen.
:: Steve Reich and Musicians in Los Angeles, spring 1975. Live, no tape, 
obviously tape-loop inspired. Good Lord, people actually got up and danced!
:: The Frippster, The Kitchen, 1979(?).
:: Discovering Steve Roach in the past year.

> 2) Do you have a special memory when everything seemed to click in a
> performance?  Could you pinpoint what seemed to be going on at the time?

:: The moment I discovered the power of adding silence within a loop. I
suddenly lept outside myself. Clarity.

> 3) What was the last bit of music you did that just made you giggle with
> happiness that it had happened?

:: A dear friend was married a couple weeks ago. Very informal reception
outdoors. Many musicians in attendance, with instruments. We all had a 
blast, and I spied myself and a couple others slipping into The Zone,
dancing with The Note.
    Also, playing along with Scofield's CD "Bump"  the other night, I was
totally aware of missing a moment.

> P.S. I just bought some Frank Sinatra CD's.  Wow -- these remasters of 
> original lp's sound amazing.

 :: I remember listening to Old Blue Eyes on a jukebox in a diner in the
early 80's. He was singing "Send In The Clowns." I started crying, had to
hide my face.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large