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Critic's Ahoy

The last week has been ridiculous, so please listen to a spontaneous little
blues jam of mine recorded last week (spawned by the saddness of losing my
studio when I moved to my college appt, there's no room for more than my
Please please send back feedback, no matter how brief.  Please.

The following is my little bio:
I've always been a music fanatic, and had wanted to learn guitar for ages.
Heard Keller Williams play, bought the lovely and cheap Taylor 'Big Baby' a
week later, and have been playing ever since (a year and a few months)
> 1) Does everyone remember their first time? -- looping that is?  What's
> changed for you since then?
Keller Williams was the first time I saw looping conciously, and I
investigated it for the possibilities of simple little jazz jams.  Not much
has changed, except when I scrounged enough cash working a job this summer
(NOTE:  poor college kid works summer job living with parents to buy EDP as
his first looper), and the only thing that has changed is realizing how 
the EDP is and all the crazy stuff it can do.

> 2) Do you have a special memory when everything seemed to click in a
> performance?  Could you pinpoint what seemed to be going on at the time?
I've never gig'd :-/  But in my basement studio, things clicked when I
played a single bass note followed by a slap and reversed it, which caused
me to flip out and reset the echoplex and record this little jam.

> 3) What was the last bit of music you did that just made you giggle with
> happiness that it had happened?
I was playing for a friend who'd never heard me in my dorm room four months
or so ago, and she picked up my African talking drum and started playing
along (she doesn't know much at all about music, so it was completely pure
energy).  She's my gf now :)


"One great thing about music, is when it is you feel no pain.  So hit me
with music, hit me with music now"