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Re: Looping with other musicians, new tools=new results (was RE: Cranky Kim)

--- Travis <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> If you're playing with other musicians, and the collective tempo 
> shifts, and you've already recorded a loop with tempo-dependent 
> information, then I don't see how you can "adjust" the loop.  

Unless you're using a Repeater, in which case, you just tap in the tempo 
and it
adjusts the audio in your loop to fit it (without a glitch, without 
changing the
pitch). Stretch, contract, whatever. It can go a long way before the audio 
sounding funny. It's really amazing in this regard. 

> I think the EDP (like many tools) leads to, even requires, new ways of 
> working.  Trying to shoehorn it into previous musical forms, such as an 
> AABA song is sort of a dead-end. 

It certainly offers the option of working in new ways, but I don't think it
restricts you from working in more traditional forms. You have to plan what
you're doing in a different way though, and switching musical sections of 
a piece
requires more then just playing something differently.

> Personally I never liked the idea of pre-loading loops in the way 
> the Repeater promised.

I don't use the Repeaters storage that way, but it sure is nice to be able 
come back to a snapshot of a loop you did last week, or last year. Gives 
you a
good memory. I don't record much of the music I make, so hearing a bit of 
my old
loops is fun.


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