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RE: Looping traditional musical forms / looping philosophy

--- Mike Barrs <mbarrs@nightviewer.com> wrote:
>> The Repeater fixes the bar 
> length with the 
> > first recorded track, so forget an AABA song where the "B" 
> section is 
> > a different number of bars, unless you want to get into a 
> Midi pedal 
> > tap dancing nightmare of arming and switching between loops.

Hey, that "fixed bar length" is only within the first loop as long as
you develop the song only by adding audio to those four tracks. But if
you create many loops before filling up the tracks you are free to use
different lengths (but of course the "bar lenght" will be the same, as
it can only change by a new tempo or time signature). I have a repeater
and I programmed my midi foot controller (a FCB1010) to change loop. I
have five buttons for the first five loops (I very seldom record that
many loops, mostly only two or three). When I'm still playing in loop
one, I step on the loop two button and the repeater goes into
"waiting-to-change-loop" mode. I can now go into next loop with two
buttons: PLAY (if I have already recorded a "loop 2") or, as for
creating "loop 2", RECORD. So I have the entire loop length of time to
press two foot buttons (no stress ;-) - LOOP 2 and RECORD. What happens
then is when the repeater comes to the end of loop 1 it goes directly
into recording loop 2. If you have filled up all four tracks with stuff
this can sound a bit strange when everything goes away except for what
you are playing (=recording). So a good strategy with the repeater is to
start by recording one track in all song sections (=loops) and then fill
in more lines at each section on the rest of the tracks.

Best wishes
Per Boysen
------------> O