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Hey, I keep getting posts of jibberish (see below) Anyone know what that's about? My email client deals with html (which I can see that this is not), RTF and Plain Text, but what the hell is this?

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 05:08 AM, Don Makoviney wrote:

>>>2) Someone like me who comes from a traditional music
>>background (blues
>>>jazz) automatically thinks in terms of traditional song
>>structures like
>>>A-A-B-A. How many people on this list have actually tried to loop a
>>>traditional verse-verse-chorus-verse song? I've been working
>>at it for a
>>>year, and it's frustrating. The Repeater fixes the bar
>>length with the first
>>>recorded track, so forget an AABA song where the "B" section
>>is a different
>>>number of bars, unless you want to get into a Midi pedal tap dancing
>>>nightmare of arming and switching between loops.
>>seems to me your problem is specific with the repeater, not
>>looping. That's
>>simple to deal with in the Echoplex. The boomerang might be
>>able to do it
>>too, I'm not sure. The jamman had the same problem of forcing
>>all the loops
>>to be the same length.

Yes Kim, you're right. The Boomerang allows you to have two different loops of size. I use that a lot. Guys like Keller Williams write very simple AABA songs using an Echoplex. Blues, bluegrass, funk. All that stuff. Loopers work great for more traditional stuff. Check out DJ Williams too.

>>>And then there is the
>>>problem of the "crash to a singularity" when you've built up
>>a looped
>>>"A" section with bass, rhythm guitar and lead, and then
>>suddenly move
>>>to naked guitar on the "B" section because it needs a new
>>bass line and
>>>new rhythm chords. If you're not working in the ambient soundscape
>>>style, you can't hide these transitions with washes of delay
>>and reverb

Keller Williams also does this well. He builds up a section then just stops the Echoplex and goes to a single live (unlooped) guitar and his voice. It's pretty powerful and works well. I believe the EDP also allows you to copy over to other loops so when you get a good simply stacked loop (i.e. bass drums and a rhythm for example) you can copy that puppy to another loop, right? (I'm just going off what I glean from the lists. . .I don't own one.) On my Boomerang I can switch from recording a loop to b loop with one button so I often just keep playing the same thing (like a bass line or guitar riff) onto the other loop too so I have two loops of the same thing. It's not as easy as simply COPYING a working loop like with the Echoplex, but I didn't spend the extra few hundred for the EDP (dang it). It requires a slight bit more maneuvering and forethought (like maybe remembering to also play the next couple of things I stack on the B loop too), but it works in a fairly logical manner.

Mark, seriously, check out Keller's live album called "Loop". There's some great stuff on there in the "traditional" style you seem to come from. He uses an Echoplex.


Don M