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Re: Looping with other musicians, new tools=new results (was RE: Cranky Kim)

I do multiple loops of different lengths on the Repeater all the time.  
Works pretty well though you have to sent two instructions, one to 
advance the loop and another to arm it to record as soon as the current 
loop stops.  Not too hard with practice, but an auto arm function would 
have been nice.

I've looped with machines mostly, but my looping with Jon Wagner has 
been great.  Why?  He sets the tempo and knows how to keep it.  
Practice practice practice.  I find watching the Repeater's display 
totally helps.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 07:39  AM, Travis wrote:

> If you're playing with other musicians, and the collective tempo 
> shifts, and you've already recorded a loop with tempo-dependent 
> information, then I don't see how you can "adjust" the loop.  
> Re-triggering on the downbeat won't help if the loop is of any 
> significant length, since you'll quickly be out of sync with 
> everything that comes after that.  Re-recording the loop is probably 
> inpractical if you've got a few layers and/or the loop is more than a 
> few seconds long, since you probably won't have time to re-do the loop 
> before either the next section arrives or the tempo shifts...again.
> What sort of adjustments would you suggest in such a situation?
> ***
> I think the EDP (like many tools) leads to, even requires, new ways of 
> working.  Trying to shoehorn it into previous musical forms, such as 
> an AABA song is sort of a dead-end.  But there's so many things you 
> can do with it that you couldn't do before, and those are the things 
> to go after.  I'm primarily using mine in a solo acoustic guitar 
> context, and while I usually end up with with two or three related 
> loops (via multiply and loop copy) which I can switch between to 
> provide a verse/chorus/bridge type structure, there's no way around 
> the first minute or two of building up those loops.  You can't just go 
> verse/chorus/verse/chorus/middle/chorus/chorus right from step one, 
> since the first pass of each section has only one layer.
> This doesn't bother me much, and the the exploratory section of each 
> piece which includes building each loop is just part of the piece.  
> Each tune ends up being about ten minutes long, but that's just how it 
> is.  Personally I never liked the idea of pre-loading loops in the way 
> the Repeater promised.
> TravisH
> On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 01:44 AM, 
> Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:
>>> If you want to play with other musicians, a looper is a barrier
>>> because it's like playing to a click track... which everyone hates, 
>>> unless
>>> they're another looping musician.
>> That's true if the looper is a beginner and doesn't know how to 
>> adjust their loops with the music around them.