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Re: Jibberish

Weird.  It looks fine to me now as well.  Must be a glitch in the 

Mark Sottilaro.

On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 10:19  AM, Greg House wrote:

> What you quoted looks like std ascii text to me. The original message 
> looked fine
> in my yahoo viewer when I got it.
> Greg
> --- msottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
>> Hey, I keep getting posts of jibberish (see below)  Anyone know what
>> that's about?  My email client deals with html (which I can see that
>> this is not), RTF and Plain Text, but what the hell is this?
>> Mark Sottilaro
>> On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 05:08  AM, Don Makoviney wrote:
>>>>>> 2) Someone like me who comes from a traditional music
>>>>> background (blues
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> jazz) automatically thinks in terms of traditional song
>>>>> structures like
>>>>>> A-A-B-A. How many people on this list have actually tried to loop 
>>>>>> a
>>>>>> traditional verse-verse-chorus-verse song? I've been working
>>>>> at it for a
>>>>>> year, and it's frustrating. The Repeater fixes the bar
>>>>> length with the first
>>>>>> recorded track, so forget an AABA song where the "B" section
>>>>> is a different
>>>>>> number of bars, unless you want to get into a Midi pedal tap 
>>>>>> dancing
>>>>>> nightmare of arming and switching between loops.
>>>>> seems to me your problem is specific with the repeater, not
>>>>> looping. That's
>>>>> simple to deal with in the Echoplex. The boomerang might be
>>>>> able to do it
>>>>> too, I'm not sure. The jamman had the same problem of forcing
>>>>> all the loops
>>>>> to be the same length.
>>> Yes Kim, you're right. The Boomerang allows you to have two different
>>> loops of size. I use that a lot. Guys like Keller Williams write very
>>> simple AABA songs using an Echoplex. Blues, bluegrass, funk. All that
>>> stuff. Loopers work great for more traditional stuff. Check out DJ
>>> Williams too.
>>>>>> And then there is the
>>>>>> problem of the "crash to a singularity" when you've built up
>>>>> a looped
>>>>>> "A" section with bass, rhythm guitar and lead, and then
>>>>> suddenly move
>>>>>> to naked guitar on the "B" section because it needs a new
>>>>> bass line and
>>>>>> new rhythm chords. If you're not working in the ambient soundscape
>>>>>> style, you can't hide these transitions with washes of delay
>>>>> and reverb
>>>>>> tails.
>>> Keller Williams also does this well. He builds up a section then just
>>> stops the Echoplex and goes to a single live (unlooped) guitar and 
>>> his
>>> voice. It's pretty powerful and works well. I believe the EDP also
>>> allows you to copy over to other loops so when you get a good simply
>>> stacked loop (i.e. bass drums and a rhythm for example) you can copy
>>> that puppy to another loop, right? (I'm just going off what I glean
>>> from the lists. . .I don't own one.) On my Boomerang I can switch 
>>> from
>>> recording a loop to b loop with one button so I often just keep
>>> playing the same thing (like a bass line or guitar riff) onto the
>>> other loop too so I have two loops of the same thing. It's not as 
>>> easy
>>> as simply COPYING a working loop like with the Echoplex, but I didn't
>>> spend the extra few hundred for the EDP (dang it). It requires a
>>> slight bit more maneuvering and forethought (like maybe remembering 
>>> to
>>> also play the next couple of things I stack on the B loop too), but 
>>> it
>>> works in a fairly logical manner.
>>> Mark, seriously, check out Keller's live album called "Loop". There's
>>> some great stuff on there in the "traditional" style you seem to come
>>> from. He uses an Echoplex.
>>> HTH,
>>> Don M
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