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Re: Cranky Kim

At 5:34 PM -0700 8/28/03, msottilaro wrote:
>(except in the case of Rik Elswit at Banana's at Large.  A list 
>member and expert EDP user)

Funny to see Rik's name pop up. I've been in this Moog-obsession mode 
lately, picking up a bunch of early Moog-themed records. One of the 
better things I've found is Beaver & Krause's "Gandharva", from 1971, 
which features, among many others, Rik Elswit on rhythm guitar. 
Having dealt with Rik a few times, it was really cool to see his name 
on on a really cool record!

The source of this Moog obsession? Minimoog #6046, now living in my studio