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RE: Claude Voit's See What--Ipoulkapek

I have been doing this a little recently--as a "Live Loop", i.e., by 
it over and over again--something that he does on the record, of
course--very meditative and a chop builder--hey nemogit check it out!

Listening to this track with guitar in hand now--Em in 6/8.  Six note riff
goes E B G A F# C--all eighth notes.  Soloes over it--Synth percussion when
available.  Starts getting wild and crazy after 6 minutes.  Bitchin' train
sounds at 7:11--look out baby there's a train a'comin'!  Sorbet-like
cool-down refresher at the end for the last 30 seconds.

For you guitar players, it looks like this:


repeat until dizzy