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Re: Fear of "canned" loops

On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 01:49  PM, ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone else have thoughts, opinions and/or experiences to share?
> Or does everyone here associate anything "canned" with Milli Vanilli
> and/or Karaoke? I guess some types of audiences would even consider
> looping as "cheating" in some way. I guess the line between "live" and
> "canned" loops has become blurry over the years and has largely
> ceased to matter to me at all.

This is exactly the type of show that I've been formulating.  So far 
it's working out really well.  Yesterday I received my M-audio USB 
audio interface and I was happily surprised to find a version of Live 
included!  It's a truncated version of 1.5, but as far as I can tell it 
will act *exactly* like I intend it to.

One of the biggest reasons for me to do this was a size/setup time 
issue, but I'm also finding that this type of "Live Production" is 
really fun and allows me to make music that I couldn't make using my 
old setup.  Frankly, the whole idea of "live looping" is great... to 
us.  However, to the audience they could care less.  All they want is a 
good show and interesting music.  They could care less about how you 
get there.

I'm still in the beginning phases of this Looper/DJ setup, but the 
first steps show a lot of promise.  While the Repeater was the tool I 
used to make the loops, it's not what's playing the loops back.  Live 
synced to the E-MU Command Station is taking care of that.  I can play 
all I want using the Command Stations Pads or a small midi keyboard so 
I don't feel like I'm not getting a chance to add harmonic content to 
the music.  A Numark Axis 9 CD player let's me scratch and mutilate 
samples to my hearts content.  Over all I have not felt like I missed 
my old setup at all and I can now easily compete with DJs in terms of 
setup times and production value.  I can't wait to hear your new CD 
Ted!  I still love the old one!

Mark Sottilaro