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Looping with other musicians, new tools=new results

Travis wrote:
"If you're playing with other musicians, and the collective tempo
shifts, and you've already recorded a loop with tempo-dependent
information, then I don't see how you can "adjust" the loop. "

Dear Travis,

for all it's well publicized faults (and there are several of
them.........LOL) ,   the Electrix REPEATER is the only looper that can do
this on the fly as it uses sample stretching technology (ala Sound Forge's
ACID or Ableton's LIVE).

The cool thing is that you can program a midi pedal with whatever tempo
tolerances you would like
(most live songs rarely speed up more than 10 or 15 BPM as an example).

The company is now defunct but you can locate used units on the web
occasionally (they are pricey but
around the same price as the fabulous Echolplex EDP).

One awesome thing it does and something I probably overuse in my shows is
that you can take
a loop of 120 BPM and slow it down to 1 BPM (!).

When done in stereo (yes, it's a quad mono or a stereo looper) you can take
a longish loop (loop times up to
23 minutes so it doubles as a stereo recorder as well for short pieces) and
slow it down to 1 BPM and then sit
back and wait for your random noise landscape to slowly
evolve.........................I then 'play' the jagged
noise piece over three octaves with my Yamaha wind controller and, voila,
it still stays at 1 BPM.

If only I could get the EDP and the REPEATER to talk to each other in midi,
but it seems problematic at best.
Anyone getting that to work consistently and want to help me out with your
creative work around?

yours, rick walker (loop.pool)