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RE: Looping with other musicians, new tools=new results

> If only I could get the EDP and the REPEATER to talk to each 
> other in midi, but it seems problematic at best. Anyone 
> getting that to work consistently and want to help me out 
> with your creative work around?
> yours, rick walker (loop.pool)

i'll give this a try, if you are talking about sync.
the repeater "thinks" in 1/4 notes and the edp in 1/8....
also, the repeater chokes on really fast midi clock,
which can easily happen, if you have 1/8s per cycle set 
high and a short loop on the edp.

i had real trouble getting them to agree 
on odd time sigs (something you mentioned you are also into)
because of the 1/4 vs 1/8 thing.  you wind up having to make
the repeater run in double time (which causes you to hit
the repeaters upper bpm limit faster)

hope that helps.
i have sold my repeater so i can't really do any further 
testing on this end.  it was great fun while it lasted,
but times they are a-changin...