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RE: Looping with other musicians, new tools=new results

> > If only I could get the EDP and the REPEATER to talk to each
> > other in midi, but it seems problematic at best. Anyone 
> > getting that to work consistently and want to help me out 
> > with your creative work around?
> > 
> > yours, rick walker (loop.pool)

> > From: Jim Palmer [mailto:jimp@pobox.com] 
> i'll give this a try, if you are talking about sync.
> the repeater "thinks" in 1/4 notes and the edp in 1/8....
> also, the repeater chokes on really fast midi clock,
> which can easily happen, if you have 1/8s per cycle set 
> high and a short loop on the edp.

Yes, I love this "defect" in the Repeater. As I run it slaved to the EDP
tempo can sometimes go up to the very highest possible when I'm kicking
the EDP into 32 8ths/cycle. I have noticed that the Repeater doesn't
even try to match the tempo - it just keeps on in the old tempo. Which
is of course musically correct even though some polyrhythmic effect will
occur. As Ted Kilian said, you can't control too much at the same time
(at least I'm no octopus) and I like having the Repeater "living a
musical life of its own" at the time when I concentrate on the EDP. I
really think the Repeater is the perfect "back-up looper".
> i had real trouble getting them to agree 
> on odd time sigs (something you mentioned you are also into) 
> because of the 1/4 vs 1/8 thing.  you wind up having to make 
> the repeater run in double time (which causes you to hit the 
> repeaters upper bpm limit faster)

Yes. I ran into that too. My solution was to play different music that
did not suffer from that. It seems to be a seriously difficult project
to play pre-composed and structured music with live-looping technology.
Like humans, those boxes all excel in different areas ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen