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RE: Claude Voit's See What--Ipoulkapek--I Can Play It--I Can't Pronounce It

--- Relay <relaydelayband@earthlink.net> wrote:
> this pattern (in Em Dorian, it's Root fifth min 3
> four second flat sixth,
> for your edification) moves up and up like an Escher
> painting!

A different animal to be sure, but your description
kinda reminds me of what some people call a 'barber
pole': a delayed/looplayered rising or falling tone
that never reaches its destination because as it fades
away, it's beginning again (and in the middle of
itself as well). Example of one: the end of Pink
Floyd's 'Echoes' from 'Meddle'.

> Is it like his greatest hit or something?

Monsieur Voit's album would be worth checking out; how
can we get it, Claude?

Meanwhile, Michael mentioned that the tune is on the
CT-Project compilation, but didn't give the link: here

Claude has other stuff there as well. I enjoy his
track 'Harmonic Obsession Dance' from CT-Acoustic.


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