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RE: Claude Voit's See What--Ipoulkapek--I Can Play It--I Can't Pronounce It

Oh Yeah, there's one on the SPX 90.
Thanks for the play by play.

--- Relay <relaydelayband@earthlink.net> wrote:

> How does one do [a 'barber pole'] ... on
> either the EDP or Repeater?

There might be many ways, but the easy answer (and one
that would work with ANY kind of looper of sufficient
delay time) would be to post-process the loop.

1) Open your loop.
2) Fade in a rising or falling glissando (or
speed-change an old-scool delay sample-and-hold loop
INTO your other looper), then fade out.
3) Close the loop. (At this point the glissando will
be discrete and separated by a moment of silence)
4) (Optional) Overdub more glissandi onto the loop and
over the loop 'seam'
5) Post-process the loop through boatloads of delay.

Psychoacoustic caveat: whilst rising 'barber poles'
are figuratively uplifting, falling ones are kind of a
spiral downer... 


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