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Re: Fear of "canned" loops

Almost anyone using pre-programmed patterns on a drum machine is 
using canned loops, and I've done plenty with drum machines over the years.

I got my SP808 thinking it would be a great way to capture loops to use as
canned material. I haven't really done that, however.

On my one effort at a CD project, I didn't consciously try not to use any
canned material from either a drum machine or the SP808, but I ended up
doing everything very live. That means that on the two tracks where I had
drums, I was playing the HandSonic live to start it off before playing
guitar. How those results turned out is open to interpretation. For 
recording two tracks a couple days apart ended up with relatively similar
drum beats because (a) I'm not a drummer and (b) that was the rhythm that
seemed to be in my head at the time. Maybe if I'd been programming the loop
instead of playing it, I'd have pushed myself in more eccentric directions.