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Re: Fear of "canned" loops

Hey Travis,

You would really enjoy Claude Voit's music, I think, given your description
the conditions you give to yourself for a looping performance.  He, like
you, has made a committment to
minimalizing his set up and moving away from more involved technology (hope
I'm representing you correctly

I did a couple of shows with him in Lucerne, Switzerland and Lago Di Garda
in Italy (the latter with
Luca Formentini) and he did really very, very hip stuff with an acoustic

He even has experimented with putting a piezo pickup up underneath the neck
so that he can pick up
all kinds of really hip non-melodic percussion aspects of the strings.

His rhythmic work was just fascinating and very original sounding to me.

I was fascinated by what he did.       I also hear him say that he had done
a whole bunch of experimentation with
using midi commands and sequencing to alter his EDP loops in real time 
also fascinates me, but , alas,  he is through with the
part of his music and wants to get more 'essential' and minimal like you 

Me,  I want to buy a Palm Pilot so I can use a cheesy simple and small
sequencer for manipulating my EDP/Repeater loops.

".............You say potayto,   I say potahto..........."

I hope to hear the results of your music someday.

yours , Rick Walker  (who can't play a guitar to save his life but uses one
regularly on stage)

ps that does it.............three posts in one
day............................one would think I have a lot of time on my
hands which couldn't be farther from the truth................just look at
the post time of this last one,
though....................lol................thanks for putting up with me.


Travis wrote:

> Personally, I've adopted a set of "rules", (inspired by the Dogme 95
> film movement) for my solo looping project to push me out of certain
> comfort zones that I've developed over the years.  So: only acoustic
> guitar, no effects other than a reverb applied to the entire mix, no
> pre-recorded material, two brother-sync'ed EDPs.  I've mulled over the
> idea of using a drum machine to generate a MIDI click, but for now I've
> opted to use a self-generated base loop and build everything else
> relative to that timing.
> But like I said, if the pre-recorded stuff is working for you, rock out
> 'til ya pass out.