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RE: Fear of "canned" loops

Sorry folks, I realized I shouldn't have started another thread (which I
did), so i'm reissuing this one under the appropriate and already existing


My buddy Jessie Stiles and I have been working together for awhile now
making tracks with my looping rig feeding his Laptop Max/MSP patch which
also incorporates some aiff files, but which mostly reloops, cuts, and
morphs my loops and live sound into drum and bass sounds...

We've found a lot of joy and some good material.  We're on our way toward
our first record. The project is called Axe Puzzles, and the track is 
Hardcore Oceanography.  I offer it up for your enjoyment and as an example
of how I enjoying both live looping and tracks together.  .

It can be found on my site, http://www.toddreynolds.com
Or for a more direct link, http://www.toddreynolds.com/emusic/hardcore.mp3

What you hear is...

Todd Reynolds,  violin --> Orville <==> EDP

Jessie Stiles aka the jts3000  G4 15" 1Ghz running Max/MSP 4.2

I use a Metric Halo Mobile I/O to route the whole operation, governed by a
17" G4,  onboard which I carry a couple of different looping rigs (max,
reaktor, live)  which, I opine in alliance with Kim, currently can not even
closely match up to the immediacy, power and flexibility of the EDP. The
whole tune is a real time performance. Only the start point was edited.

Here's to everybody in this community. LD is great.