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Roland sp-303 as a loop/sample/drumbox station...

Lots of people talk about the boss rc-20 as a cheaper alternative to a
looping station.  What about the SP-303 ?  I have absolutely no knowledge 
far as looping goes, so that's why I'm asking, but wouldn't it be a better
choice ?  If I'm not mistaken, it can be midi controlled : does this mean 
can be triggered solely from a midi controller pedal ?  If so is there any
drawback to using such a unit instead of a headrush/rc-20 type unit ???

I wanna get into looping, and this thing seems to go far beyond that ( with
drumbeeats and such.)  Would it be a good choice for that purpose ?It also
seems that much manipulations can be done hands on the unit...

Otherwise, what would you recommend in that price range ?

Thanks !