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Re: Roland sp-303 as a loop/sample/drumbox station...

At 11:44 PM 8/29/2003, Borhane Blili Hamelin wrote:
>Lots of people talk about the boss rc-20 as a cheaper alternative to a
>looping station.

I'm not sure what you mean, the rc-20 is called the "loop station" by 

>What about the SP-303 ?

that is a sampler, not a looper. They are different things.

>I have absolutely no knowledge as
>far as looping goes, so that's why I'm asking, but wouldn't it be a better
>choice ?

It depends on if you want a sampler or a looper. You can't record a loop 
the sp-303 and have it start looping in realtime, and you can't overdub 
material onto a loop when it is playing. That's why it is not a looper at 
all, and if you want looping this box is useless for you.

On the other hand, if you want a sampler/sequencer, it may be what you 

>If I'm not mistaken, it can be midi controlled : does this mean it
>can be triggered solely from a midi controller pedal ?

I don't know many specific details about the sp-303 since I mostly pay 
attention to loopers. If it can be controlled by midi you should be able 
control it from a midi pedal. You would need a good pedal though, not a 
one that only sends program change like many of them out there.

>If so is there any
>drawback to using such a unit instead of a headrush/rc-20 type unit ???

if you want a looper, check the info on loopers at:

>I wanna get into looping, and this thing seems to go far beyond that ( 
>drumbeeats and such.)

It doesn't go beyond it. It doesn't do looping at all!


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