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New Steve Lawson MP3

hi all,

just added an MP3 from my forthcoming duet CD with looping sax/flautist 
Travis - it's in the MP3 section of my site - www.stevelawson.net/home.htm

the album is called For The Love Of Open Spaces, and will be released
mid-October. Advanced ordering will be available via my site within the 
couple of weeks.

The MP3 is a four and a half minute section from a track called Uncle
Bernie, the full version of which is over 8 mins long. The whole album was
recorded live in my studio, improvised (we did new versions of all the
tracks, but none of them were as good as the first take improvs), with a 
edits for the sake of brevity, but no overdubbing or additional layering.
I'm using three EDPs, my MPX-G2 and a Kaoss 2, Theo's using a DL4.

have a listen, and let me know what you think!