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The Spirit of Live Music

Per Boysen opined:

I have nothing against backing tapes or pre recorded audio used for
performance, but it's sad when artists are using this to mimic a certain
already existing "sound". It's just lame, and the more "professional" the
more pathetic.

---->>More to the point, it kills the vibe!
I have been required to perform in situations before where "enforced 
was the rule--i.e., look like you're having a good time even if you aren't.
I regret to inform you that most folks don't notice a difference between
that and the real thing.

Same might be true for audiences experiencing "Canned Looping" or 
They might care if they could discern a difference--but their requirements
usually come down to three things

1.   They like you (as a carbon based unit)
2.   They want to have a good time (Very important)
3.   What you are doing augments their sense of well being

So if the technology is helping YOU have a better time, they might like it
fine.  It's usually less about sound, and more about appearance.

I personally think it's lame to "lipsync", "ape", or otherwise pretend to 
performing since we all have better things to do in life and lying gets
easier the more you do it.

I think Live Looping keeps you honest!