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Re: The Spirit of Live Music

Personally i have nothing against 'canned loops', it all depends how and why there are being used.
A loop show is a different thing (IMHO) to a 'non-loop show' (for what of a better term), at a 'loop show' i expect to see he loops being recorded, built up, modified - whatever. That is part of the point and attraction !!!!
With that said if there is a atmosphere that would take 20 minutes to recreate live i have no objections to canned or preprepared loops, i think this is an artistic as well as technical consideration. Part of the beuty of looping is in the randomness of it - the real-time interaction between loopist and tool, but i don't think it has to be restriced purely to that. It is up to the artist to decide what they want to bring to the 'aural table' and how they want to get it there.