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RE: The Spirit of Live Music

>-----Original Message-----
>From: David Swain [mailto:d.swain@blueyonder.co.uk] 

>Personally i have nothing against 'canned loops', it all depends how
and >why there are being used.
>A loop show is a different thing (IMHO) to a 'non-loop show' (for what
of a >better term), at a 'loop show' i expect to see he loops being
recorded, >built up, modified - whatever. That is part of the point and
attraction >!!!!

"Part of the point and attraction" ???  - What about just MUSIC being
the point and attraction?

At the risk of starting another, what is loop music thread - Why does a
"loop" show have to be about somebody putting the loops together - and
does the audience really need to be aware of this?

If I were not a musician that incorporates loops into my performances,
and I went to a show to see somebody like Rick Walker I don't think I
would be concerned with what you call the attraction to a "loop show" -
I would be going to the show to listen to some fine MUSIC.

My foggy point is - A "loop show" is the same thing as a "non loop"
show: it's all music, performed by musicians.

I hope I didn't just create a new monster on LD :)