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Re: The Spirit of Live Music

On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 10:36 AM, | SquidLoop | wrote:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: David Swain [mailto:d.swain@blueyonder.co.uk]
>> Personally i have nothing against 'canned loops', it all depends 
>> howand >why there are being used. A loop show is a different thing 
>> (IMHO) to a 'non-loop show' (for whatof a >better term), at a 'loop 
>> show' i expect to see he loops being recorded, >built up, modified - 
>> whatever. That is part of the point and attraction >!!!!
> "Part of the point and attraction" ???  - What about just MUSIC being 
> the point and attraction?

EXACTLY!  I hate to say it, but almost every *loopfest* show I've been 
to is for loopers.  While I love the build up and construction of the 
loop, it's because I'm a loop architect and I love to see someone 
else's loop work happening.  However, but asking a lot of questions and 
trying to be sensitive to my audience I've come to the conclusion that 
most are actually bored and uninterested in our loop building.  Note 
Amy X.  She, by far, got the best reaction from the last loopfest I 
went to.  If you've seen her show, she loops extensively with the EDP, 
however it's not improvised.  She does build up loops but it's a 
carefully planned out part of her composition.  As a result it happens 
quickly and suscinctly.  The loop construction isn't the point, her 
composition is the point and it is excellent.  I guess my point is that 
Amy X makes her shows about the music, not the loops.  Once I had a 
conversation with Brian Kenny Fresno and told him about LD.  He said, 
"It's not about the loops, it's just how I do my show.  His focus is 
the same as Amy's.  The music.
> I hope I didn't just create a new monster on LD :)

Of course you did!

Mark Sottilaro