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Re: ex-Jamman blowout (was 'Cranky Kim' thread)

Rick wrote:
> I bought three Jammans (which I changed immediately to
> Jampersons with a little graphic computer
> manipulation...........................oh, I can
> just hear the poor east coast loopers moaning over
> this flaky, PC, west coast behaviour)

Cino replies (in jest):
Well this poor East Coast looper is not so much disturbed by the political
correctness [and is it really PC to assume that we poor benighted East 
folk are such ogres?  ;-)  ] as by the British (Canadian, Australian, etc.)
spelling of "behavior."  Since when has the People's Republic of Santa Cruz
reverted to this outdated orthography?  I thought we threw off the shackles
of those extra "u"-s ("colour," "favour," "flavour") after Bunker Hill and
Valley Forge!  Next thing you know you'll be discussing how to "harmonise" 
melodic loop!  :-)