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Re: Currently available looper music webpage

Hi Greg!

This is a very cool idea, although I could see it becoming very
difficult to manage due to the sheer number of people with music available.

If you (or anyone) were to set this up, I'd suggest making several
"filters" available, to help narrow down the path.  In other words,
offer several different searchable categories/keywords for people to
select, so that visitors have ways of sorting through the hundreds or
thousands of different discs/sound files that would be listed.

Some of these might include:

- Search by style/genres (ambient, hip-hop, glitch, pop, etc.)
- Search by principal instrument used (guitar, violin, bass, voice, etc)
- Search by princiapl looper used (Echoplex, DL4, Max/MSP, etc)
- Search by "technical category" (i.e. "nothing prerecorded," "some
prerecorded, some live," etc)
- Search by "sounds like such-and-such artist" (i.e. someone puts in
"Laurie Anderson" and gets Amy X Neuburg, "Bill Frissel" gets Steve
Lawson, etc.)
- Search by compositional approach ("free improv," "composed," etc.)
- Search by year released

These are all just suggestions, of course, but without some way to
narrow the field, I think it'll be very hard to people to weed through
the large amount of material there...

Anyway, it's a very generous offer, Greg, and I'm sure anything along
these lines will be very helpful and welcome...


--Andre LaFosse
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