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Re: Currently available looper music webpage

   Well, if I get a few more positives I will proceed with a very simple 
flat file type of site. As my time, or if someone else wants to chip 
in, i'll step up to a more sophisticated operation.  Frankly just a 
central site seems a heck of allot better than what we have now.
   Also, what I had in mind is that everyone with material who wants on 
the list send me the appropriate URLs and a short, couple of sentences, 
of description. Maybe we could go with keywords for the descriptions so 
someone could search it with the browser, but I would hate to make 
folks pigeonhole themselves.


On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 03:32 PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:

> Hi Greg!
> This is a very cool idea, although I could see it becoming very
> difficult to manage due to the sheer number of people with music 
> available.
> If you (or anyone) were to set this up, I'd suggest making several
> "filters" available, to help narrow down the path.  In other words,
> offer several different searchable categories/keywords for people to
> select, so that visitors have ways of sorting through the hundreds or
> thousands of different discs/sound files that would be listed.
> Some of these might include:
> - Search by style/genres (ambient, hip-hop, glitch, pop, etc.)
> - Search by principal instrument used (guitar, violin, bass, voice, 
> etc)
> - Search by princiapl looper used (Echoplex, DL4, Max/MSP, etc)
> - Search by "technical category" (i.e. "nothing prerecorded," "some
> prerecorded, some live," etc)
> - Search by "sounds like such-and-such artist" (i.e. someone puts in
> "Laurie Anderson" and gets Amy X Neuburg, "Bill Frissel" gets Steve
> Lawson, etc.)
> - Search by compositional approach ("free improv," "composed," etc.)
> - Search by year released
> These are all just suggestions, of course, but without some way to
> narrow the field, I think it'll be very hard to people to weed through
> the large amount of material there...
> Anyway, it's a very generous offer, Greg, and I'm sure anything along
> these lines will be very helpful and welcome...
> Best,
> --Andre LaFosse
> The Echoplex Analysis Pages:
> http://www.altruistmusic.com