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Re: Currently available looper music webpage

   I was just going to put it up on my Mac.com site, but having it at 
the LD site would obviously be better. Let me get the list together 
first, then we can decide where an appropriate place for it is. I 
imagined that having people send me their URLs would guarantee that the 
info is current, rather than cull info from the profiles.

On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 03:42 PM, Kim Flint wrote:

> would you be interested in helping with the Looper's Delight site in 
> this regard? If the profiles section where people already put their 
> music URL's could be improved for easier navigation, maybe you can do 
> the update for it? Or add some other section for the site if that's 
> what is needed?
> I do this whole thing for you guys, but I really can't do it all by 
> myself!
> kim
> At 03:14 PM 8/30/2003, Greg Kucharo wrote:
>>   I've been thinking of putting up a centralized website that points 
>> to everyone's currently available CD's and online music. Posting it 
>> to the list is great, but it probably gets lost in the noise and 
>> folks have to troll the archives to find stuff. The LD website has 
>> everyone's profiles and the archives, but having to pick through all 
>> that for downloads/purchase is tough.
>> Would anyone find this useful, if for no other reason than a easy to 
>> point at promotional device?
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