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Re: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music webpage)


And how's this for loopy?  Bernhard's information re: Wiki comes back after
a few inserts, multiplies and reverses, in the form of the wikipedia, which
has a reasonable list of instruments that we could use as our standard 
Freeform text field also available for unlisted instruments.  I *do* think
we could add a few things to this list ("drum kit" for instance), and
definitely take away some of the more obscure instruments.

I propose this list, with some deletions, as the the standard instrument

FYI - my interest in "standard lists" for these characteristics is so that
searching is more accurate.  If we use the same drop down boxes for
searching that we do for submitting, then the user will find my page even 
I don't know how to spell geetar.