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Re: ORGANIC programming and looping

Maybe not the best way to express my ideas.This ten points were more
influenced by
Gottfried Michael Koenig and his theory about Random function in
compositional and electronic
His work is very inspiring-in many ways.

Koenig was the -mostly unknown- masterrmind and brain of the Electronic
Studio of the WDR
in Cologne.There he realized with other composers their work.Also for

In a practical way he also looped,but not in a Live Event.This looping was
more an anlog way to
realize additive synthesis.
Like Phil Spector he layered more and more loops together,to get the
result,what the composer asked for.

With serialism and early german electronic school,wich is very different
to Pierre Schaeffers work.

The serialism is a way of total control of each parameter.The early
Cologne electronic Music controlled
each parameter into the smallest unit.A kind of analog Fourier synthesis.

But very quick Koenig realized,that total control of each parameter will
never bring out a good piece of

Then he started in Utrecht/netherlands a project wich brought in the
random factor.Especially as he
learnt how to make "Computermusic".

The Random-function is in his eyes only a tool to offer you several ways
of possibilities.But at least
the composer or the live working musican has to decide,what fits well to
the music.

So Random is only a tool/an instrument wich can help you to bring in
something new.But it is at least
on the artist to decide.

Serialism would be a style in Hitlers/Stalins way,because here we find
total control.
Random function is not the way,wich a totaliristic Person would enjoy.

And at least,my music would have been in Hitlers times on the Index of
"Entartete Musik".

Sorry for the bad thread I posted.


jlucas schrieb:

> Martin Tauchen wrote:of
> VIII:) A Random function offers you always a combination of all
> possibiliteis,but you are the one who has to choose,the only right one.
> Hmm, is it just me, or does that sound like something Hitler would say?
> -J