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Randomization and Loops

In regards to randomization, in Logic I'd like to see the ability to 
automate the triggering of the randomize button in the soft synths that 
include them, like the ES2 and Sculpture. This would not create a 
randomization in terms of time, but it would in  terms of generated 
sound. The ES2 is particularly suited to drastic/surprising change with 
the randomize button. The results are not always particularly musical, 
but when I'm looking for any degree of 'random' I shouldn't expect it 
to be.
    I've had a look through the documentation and automation parameters 
themselves, and see a great deal of progress in this area, notably, the 
inclusion of automation parameters for degree and target of 
randomization . I still don't see a way to automate the button press, 
   I think it would be interesting to create a sequenced piece, and have 
it generate a hugely different output each time.

Also, does anyone know if there is a midi note generator that can 
generate notes randomly, within (or not) definable parameters such as 
key, length (# of 1/8th notes, for example), # of notes in that length, 
a range of duration (meaning sustain), etc. That would be great. 
Obviously not entirely random, but a good creative stimulant that 
allows you a certain assurance of 'usability'.

Lastly, a matter of semantics. Now and then I hear discussion involving 
'loops' when it seems that's not really what they mean. To me, until 
something repeats - preferably more than once - it's not a loop, it's a 
sequence (and there are probably several other words usable instead of 
sequence). I'm not generally a stickler for that sort of thing, but I 
do wonder what other viewpoints exist out there.

Have a good day,