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Townshend/SYNTH intros

Title: Townshend/SYNTH intros

> From the nerd, ‘rock history’ side, the cool thing
> is that the solo on
> ‘Going Mobile’ is Pete playing guitar plugged into
> the back of a synth, I
> believe the ARP. It’s perhaps the first
> ‘guitar/synth’ solo for whatever
> that’s worth.

The solo only, not the intro, right? The intro sounds
like regular guitar volume swells.


Indeed..the SOLO only. That great, bubbly, weirdness while Daltrey ‘scats’ on the vocal line.

But hmm... Ya got me thinkin’ now...could it be  “THE FIRST VOLUME SWELLS IN AN INTRO”...??? I mean – this may be pre-Steve Hackett volume swells!!