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Re: Townshend/SYNTH intros

Hah, when I wrote that at 5:30 this morning, even
though you had typed 'Going Mobile' very clearly and
in a language I done gone to collidge to lern gooder,
I was actually thinking of an entirely different song
from the same album ('Bargain'), thinking that you
meant the synth portamento swoops in the middle were
guitar-triggered. (Hmmm, maybe they were...)

At work the only radio we can get through the RF
interference fields is a "classic rock" station; they
play 'Baba' and 'Fooled' extremely often, but never
anything else from the album. Every time 'Baba' ends,
I  really would rather hear it go into 'Bargain'...


--- Andre Cholmondeley <projectobject@earthlink.net>

> > From the nerd, Œrock history¹ side, the cool thing
> > is that the solo on
> > ŒGoing Mobile¹ is Pete playing guitar plugged into
> > the back of a synth, I
> > believe the ARP. It¹s perhaps the first
> > Œguitar/synth¹ solo for whatever
> > that¹s worth.
> The solo only, not the intro, right? The intro
> sounds
> like regular guitar volume swells.
> -t-
> Indeed..the SOLO only. That great, bubbly, weirdness
> while Daltrey Œscats¹
> on the vocal line.
> But hmm... Ya got me thinkin¹ now...could it be 
> AN INTRO²...??? I mean ­ this may be pre-Steve
> Hackett volume swells!!

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