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On Dec 2, 2004, at 10:06 AM, Richard Zvonar wrote:

At 11:47 PM -0800 12/1/04, loop.pool wrote:
A lot of this thread has gone towards discussing randomization algorhythms.

That has to be the mostillegible message I've seen in a long time! (Could you maybe cool it with the colors?)

A democracy of pitch and time is serial technique. It's really interesting how people who spend energy "fixing" things are now talking about randomness.

I have never met a guitar player that wasn't, on some level a control freak.

So I say again, sit silently but think lett-oose.

I can't help but think of music as different types of political organizations of pitch and time. You hear some phrases like sonic anarchy, the rule of tonality, and all kinds of political descriptions of a tonal work.

I like democracy, that is, in the setting a c major chord is equally strange because of the statistical set up. That is democracy and so is jazz. Randomness just fits as another democratic constituent.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar