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Re: Calling ROBERT COLLIER, looping kalimbist

Oops, I was thinking of Richard Crandell, the "Other" wonderful looping 
kalimbist from Oregon. Well, actually, he plays mbira, and I've never 
seen him loops, though he was talking about it when we met. But an 
amazing musician, nonetheless.
On Thursday, December 2, 2004, at 10:18 AM, David Trenkel wrote:

> I met him last year at a John Zorn gig, and I think I have his contact 
> info around here somewhere. When I get a minute to look, I'll send it 
> to you.
> On Thursday, December 2, 2004, at 03:05 AM, loop.pool wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to contact Robert Collier,
>> the wonderful looping Kalimbist from Oregon?
>> He sent me an amazing hand made musical instrument and I can't find 
>> any contact information
>> from him anywhere here or on the web to thank him profusely for his 
>> generosity.
>> If you can help me out I'd appreciate it.
>> yours,
>> rick walker
>> looppool@cruzio.com
>> or
>> 831-425-8659