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Re: Generative music -- was KOAN music software (was ORGANIC programming and looping (effects))

--- David Kirkdorffer <vze2ncsr@verizon.net> wrote:

> I started by creating a very slowly evolving patch
> on a Juno synth - one with the arpeggiator in use.

I still do that occasionally with the arppegiators on
my Juno and SH-101, modulating deep bass really
slowly, and with a slow, swelling attack and long
release. With the 101's sequencer I like to input a
lot of rests fairly randomly with sparse bass notes in
between which serve as variable pedal points; for
example, I could be drone looping in A and then a
really deep F or G comes swelling in. It's not exactly
generative per se, but the timing of the tonic shifts
is pseudo-random, since I've got it oscillating so
slowly, and it does become interactive, since what I'm
playing on my (manually-operated, non-auto-pilot)
instrument will respond to it.

Also, having the two arpeggiators looping sequences of
non-identical lengths results in some interesting
phase slippage.


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