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Per Boysen wrote:

> Just thought about this tip as well: if you use Live 4, try to slap a 
> midi plug-in over a drum sampler track. Then you assign a physical midi 
> knob, fader or pedal to a parameter that increase or decrease the random 
> scripting.

Which reminded me to do this to my drummer the next time we play :-D He 
still hasn't quite come to terms with playing through supatrigga or 
massive tape-delay-setups, let alone me looping him all the time. heh! 
novice. I've tinkered with sending him the un-affected sound through our 
monitoring system, but it... well, it's just not as fun as watching him 
struggle with seven delay taps pingponging through his headphones while 
the pitch goes mad, and the order of the beats are rearranged!

-btw, has any of you ever walked on stage, set up a cool loop, then 
strolled off to the bar and brought back a beer? Cheap gimmick, but I'm 
a bit of a sucker for those.