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leaving the stage -- was Re: CONSTRAINT OF RANDOMNESS

Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> -btw, has any of you ever walked on stage, set up a cool loop, then
> strolled off to the bar and brought back a beer? Cheap gimmick, but I'm
> a bit of a sucker for those.

Yes.  But I stopped doing it.  It tends to draw attention to the wrong
things, in some ways making the performance more like a circus act or

Different people react to the gimmick differently.  On one extreme, I was
asked not to come back to a particular club.  At that club I had two 1-hour
sets with a looping didgeridoo player, with a 30 minute break between them.
We left our loops running during the break.  Because we did that, the club
was not sure if we actually were playing any music before.  They thought it
was in some way dishonest and not representative of the kind performances
they wanted to promote.

On the other hand, it is good to be able to get a beer when you need one.