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Answering Nature's Call--was RE: leaving the stage

David Kirkdorffer writes

Larry -

You're a hoot.

--->He certainly is--and he has had good company waiting for him all these
years, if only he had known--

On Friday, December 03, 2004 12:29 PM -- Larry Cooperman wrote:

> On Dec 3, 2004, at 8:43 AM, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> >
> > Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> >> -btw, has any of you ever walked on stage, set up a cool loop, then 
> >> strolled off to the bar and brought back a beer? Cheap gimmick, but 
> >> I'm a bit of a sucker for those.
> >
> > Yes.  But I stopped doing it.  It tends to draw attention to the 
> > wrong things, in some ways making the performance more like a circus 
> > act or something.


----->As I recall it was most of ten years ago that, while playing a seedy
restaurant as a sequenced one man band, I took advantage of wireless
technology and a looping sequencer to answer the call of the wild during an
extended solo.

> > On the other hand, it is good to be able to get a beer when you need 
> > one.
> > :-)

---->Or get rid of one.

On the subject of good listeners, not all are musicians--but many are, and
who can argue with that, all humans are visually oriented and not all
potential listeners are patient and kind--I believe the line is, "razzle
dazzle 'em".  Why do you think it's all lime green?
There is a glut of entertainment in our culture--I think looping makes it
easy to increase the amount of music appreciation by peers and 
first you have to get his attention."
Oh that's my favorite punchline.