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Re: Antares (was:Britany Spears on Looping)

This thread HAS made me wonder about something which,
while still off-topic, is at least a little more
relevant to looping, namely:

That there Antares Vocal Helper Cher-Box Pitch
Corrector thingy.... When I recognize it on a vocal,
yes, it makes me retch. However, I can't help but
wonder what'd sound like when used to process
something like an oud, a  fretless bass, or (can we
talk about this here?) to post-process a loop. Yeah, I
know that when it's active in the circuit, you'd most
likely lose the microtonal nuances that make fretless
instruments so cool, but would that 'jumping to pitch'
thing make any sounds that might be interesting in
their own right?



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