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Britany Spears on Looping

Brian Hamlin wrote:

 "Maybe she can even spell "algorithm"
 Bet she's made more people happy with her "art" than you have, smug
 mr.intellectual superior being with your funny binky bonky noises"

Ouch, Brian,   that was a very gentle and I thought light hearted jibe at 
It is a pretty funny paragraph that she wrote you must admit.........it's 
kind of like dadaistic poetry
in a way, though I realize she probably was very sincere when she wrote it.

I certainly, however, was not feeling really mean spirited about posting 
that, though.
It's the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at some one.

On the other hand,  you sound pretty vitriolic about my music.  I wonder 
where that's coming from.
It seems to me to be based on a lot of assumptions you have made about me 
a human being that
I hope are  incorrect.

How much of my music have you actually heard?  I can't recall having sold 
any of the three releases I've put out since joining this list.

 I'd be happy to send you some if you'd like.
Just send me your snail mail address, if you are at all interested.
You'll find that most of it actually adheres to really simplistic and 
formulaic pop music
arrangements.   I actually think of it as pop music (though no one else 
does, lol).

Anyone who knows me well,  knows that I love a lot of mainstream pop 
I'm actually working
on a solo pop record right now as we speak (if I ever have the courage to 
release it).   I even bought Britney Spear's first CD when it came out (no 
lie) and enjoyed parts of it.  God forbid, but  'mr. intellectual superior 
being with his funny
binky bonky noises' loved 'Genie in a Bottle' , the first Chrisina 

Check out a man's heart before you spit on him, my friend.


Oh, and by the way,  thanks sincerely for correcting me on my incorrect 
spelling of the word algorithm (spelling has always been a little fuzzy in 
my head).