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Info theory ,Bateson

   A signal has to be predictable enough to be recognizable as a 
have enough variation ,or randomness to convey something.Bateson( I 
w/ him too) along with Warren McColough, Norbert Wiener and others 
the discipline of Cybernetics.His definition of information: A difference 
that makes a difference.
  My interpretation: Nerves register difference . Animals on this planet 
tend to have sensory systems attuned to the bandwidths of what they eat 
what eat's them.In the Wild, when something moves in ones sensory field 
,attention goes there.If it is predator ,or prey that constitutes a 
difference that makes a difference, attention stays there  approprite 
response s ensue. Ifit was just the wind blowing the leaves,it doesn't 
any difference,and attention returns to random ,or stochastic scanning.
   Of course we humans have transcended the primitive state and our 
attention gets filled with various of the abstractions that we generate.