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Re: Antares (was:Britany Spears on Looping)

On Dec 4, 2004, at 18:27, Ronan Chris Murphy wrote:

>> That there Antares Vocal Helper Cher-Box Pitch
>> Corrector thingy.... When I recognize it on a vocal,
>> yes, it makes me retch. However, I can't help but
>> wonder what'd sound like when used to process
>> something like an oud, a  fretless bass, or (can we
>> talk about this here?) to post-process a loop. Yeah, I
>> know that when it's active in the circuit, you'd most
>> likely lose the microtonal nuances that make fretless
>> instruments so cool, but would that 'jumping to pitch'
>> thing make any sounds that might be interesting in
>> their own right?
> The vocal helper thingy you are talking about is called Auto-tune.  
> You can certainly get some interesting effects from using Auto-tune 
> "inappropriately"  The most interesting thing is that for fretless 
> performances with slow glissando, AT will get confused about what 
> pitch it is supposed to be tuning to and bounce back and forth between 
> notes. If you set AT so that is takes a while before it starts 
> correcting a pitch you can actually "fix" a note with out much of the 
> audible artifacts, but you will of course kill the natural vibrato 
> which is such a lovely part of fretless instruments.

I think pitch correction is a cool tool and I actually liked that Cheer 
tune! The effect has been used in a little different way by artists 
like Daft Punk or Röyksopp. But I've been a fool for real-time pitch 
transposing all since I heard Jon Hassel for the first time. I think he 
was playing the trumpet through an Eventide... something, harmonizer? 
Anyway, I'm playing around here with a borrowed Eclipse now and it's 
like having four parallel autotune plug-ins in a hardware box. Very 
inspiring! I really don't see the point in not using pitch correction. 
After all we make music to set up imaginary worlds, not to show that we 
can handle certain musical instruments ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)