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Re: Which Loopers to keep?

Paul Vnuk Jr wrote:

> I am thinning out my collection of loopers of which I have 5 and want 
> to get rid of two.  I have a 32 sec Jamman, Boomerang +, Line 6 
> echopro, EH 16 sec (reissue) and an Electrix Repeater.  Of these which 
> three would you keep?  Which two would you dump and why/why not?

Hey Paul,

I think you're approaching the problem from the wrong direction.  If I 
were you, I'd ask myself,
"Which devices work the way I like to operate so that looping is 
transparent and intuitive?"
Then keep the ones that give you those results.

Then keep one more to loop your reverb!  ;-)


Your Different Skies Pal,