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On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 04:10:42PM -0800, David Coffin wrote:
> Watercolor, eh? Maybe we should start a sub-list for loopers delighted 
> with watercolor....got a web gallery perchance?
> I, too, like to combine chaos and order; I use masked stencils to 
> separate rendered objects from chaotic backgrounds, or create defined 
> edges for random spatterings, among many other related techniques...
> I wonder how many of us are painters/visualists as well as 
> players/audioists?
        I suspect a lot ;-> I'm not really much of an artist
or musician, but several people have commented on what they
perceive as simularities between my music and my drawings.

        I tend to think of it just an extension of
my particular sense of what proportion of order/chaos
I happen to like as mentioned in my previous email.
Most of my visual art is pretty abstract, but precise.
I never really think of my music as precise, but to
me, I feel there are simularities at several levels.

        my 'doodles' are up at http://adrian.gimp.org/doodle/gallery/
if anyone wants to compare to the sounds up at the
Phasmatodea site ;-> Those images should make it
clear why I'm fascinated by the idea of the
balance between order/chaos/complexity.