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--- David Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Watercolor, eh? Maybe we should start a sub-list for
> loopers delighted 
> with watercolor....got a web gallery perchance?

I don't, but remember that CD we both played on,
Seventy-Five Seconds? Those little paintings on the 
front cover are B&W versions of a series of watercolor
miniatures I did a while back. (On the CD they're
about half the actual size.) On each of the CD labels
from the original run, there are color versions of a
couple of them; there are something like 30 versions
of the label, so there are only like two or three
copies of each label in existence. Instant

Loopers' Analogies.

1) Liquid frisket is to Multiply as masking tape is
    a) Voodoo-Undo
    b) a Headrush, a DL-4 and an RC-20, unsynched
    c) a chip from under Bob Sellon's couch cushion
    d) Unsubscribing lobsters

I like to combine enlarged macro photography with
painting, too, so I guess that could be like the
granular features in the EDP!


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