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> --- Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com> wrote:
>> The idea being that theres a certain level of
>> chaos/complexity/randomness that people find
>> aesthetically pleasing.
> Personally, I really like the juxtaposition of chaos
> with order.
> One watercolor technique I like to use is to do very
> tightly edge-defined washes with either clear water or
> a very light tint, and then drop darker/more saturated
> colors into it, wet on wet and let them mingle, but
> staying within the surface tension of the edges of the
> wash. The borders/edges of the areas are very clean
> and clearly defined, but within them there's a lot of
> randomness.
> By analogy to looping, I enjoy being able to have a
> dense, active loop going, but to be able to quickly
> change its direction (tonality, dynamics, whatever) on
> a dime in response to another player's cue.
> -t-

now we're talkin somethin i *try* to do each time i'maloopin...
i have a constant low frequency pulse/beat playin that divides up evenly 
loop length i preset to create some kinda beat/order...a gridwork if you
then i start aloopin and all hell breaks loose...
someone said after a show i did that i had 'lost the beat'@ one point but 
reality its all part of my granplan :-)
my favorite analogy is a clip from an old movie-i think its called 'iceman'
where they dig up some prehistoric guy caught in the ice(age) and thaw him
 there is this scene where timothy huttons character is trying to teach
language to iceman but ends up singin 'heart of gold' by NeilYoung(my main
man) and they end up singin and gruntin together-tradin words and noise-its
a great scene and to me it juxtaposes(sp?)
order(the song) and elemental,primal sound from the depths of a human soul.
course its something i strive for but never hardlee even approach.