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--- Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com> wrote:

>       The idea being that theres a certain level of 
> chaos/complexity/randomness that people find
> aesthetically pleasing.

Personally, I really like the juxtaposition of chaos
with order.

One watercolor technique I like to use is to do very
tightly edge-defined washes with either clear water or
a very light tint, and then drop darker/more saturated
colors into it, wet on wet and let them mingle, but
staying within the surface tension of the edges of the
wash. The borders/edges of the areas are very clean
and clearly defined, but within them there's a lot of

By analogy to looping, I enjoy being able to have a
dense, active loop going, but to be able to quickly
change its direction (tonality, dynamics, whatever) on
a dime in response to another player's cue.


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